I’ll Evoke You

“The principle of true art is not to portray, but to evoke.”
– Jerry Kosinski  


Human beings have an attention span less than a goldfish. 

Yes. A goldfish.

Just like this little guy.


Photo taken by: AJ Cann

When I first heard this from my professor, I could help but laugh at how ridiculous that sounded. I mean…look at this guy. How could he pay attention to something longer than me?

Lesson from learned: Never underestimate a goldfish.

I jest. Enough about goldfish. This was a really roundabout way of saying that humans have a REALLY short attention span.

According to an article by The Telegraph, apparently humans once averaged an attention span of 12 seconds in 2000, but thank to the lovely introduction of smartphones that was reduced dramatically to eight by the year 2015.

Some may think fifteen years for a four second difference and come to the conclusion: That’s not bad at all! Especially in comparison to the total 86,400 seconds you experience in the span of one day.

But every second really does count.

Small clarification: By saying humans’ have an 8 second attention span, I don’t mean that human are capable of only paying attention to something for 8 seconds (now that would be pretty ridiculous, and nothing would get ever get done in this world). But more that 8 seconds is the rate that people’s attention change from one subject to the next.

Society moves at a rapid pace and is filled with constant distractions and changes. Humans have developed to match this pace and many have configured the mentality that faster is always better.

So what exactly does it take to make people pause and listen? 

This leads to why public relations and communication exists- in order to build a positive relationship with the public, whether that connection be with an individual, an idea, an organization, even an object.

Truthfully, the main reasons why I decided on a PR major was to learn the art of communicating. To learn how to evoke people so that they listen. To learn the techniques and methods of catching people’s attention (in a good way, of course).

And this, my friends, is what my blog will embrace.




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  1. I really like how brought up the idea of “what does it take for people to stop and listen to a message,” especially living in a world full of technology and constant distractions. We are bombarded by different messages, coming from so many different media platforms. I am not very surprised that the human attention span has decreased to only 8 seconds in the last several years because there have been so many advancements in technology and social media. Especially looking at myself and even people in my family like my mom, theres this new constant feeling to always stop what we are doing to check our phone which only just started developing within the last 3 or 4 years. I like how you bring this idea of communication up and how as PR professionals we are going to have to figure out how to effectively communicate our messages so people pay attention.


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