It’s an Artistic World

“A picture says a thousands words.”

An overused phrase, that still holds a lot of truth today. Human beings have the attention span of around eight seconds, so if one doesn’t capture an individual’s attention within that time period they most likely will just move on and never look back. A sad, but realistic truth of our fast pace world filled with distractions.

Over the years, art and public relations have become more intertwined to form a symbiotic relationship. While public relations gives artists opportunities to advertise their work to multiple demographics, art give public relation mediums a method to catch the attention of their target audience.

Personally, I rushed into the realm of public relation because I needed a reason to crack my introverted shell and actually interact with the human race. Not wanting to chicken out, I went in without a second thought. But I’m not going to lie, during my first class, all I felt was regret. Being surrounded by such confident and outgoing people just made me even quieter and more awkward. The thought of being called on by the professor was so terrifying that it made me want to cry. Not exactly the ideal characteristics of someone entering the field filled with social interaction.

It was only further into the PR sequence where I began realized how I could relate my passion of art into a major I was struggling to emerge myself in. There was a lot more aspects to PR than I had bothered to notice. I decided to look for how different public relation industries implemented the use of art and design within their practice and how it enhanced the quality of the platform used.


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  1. yunshu says:

    I really like the feature picture that you used for this post. It catches my attention immediately and let me want to read your post. You are right, a picture says a thousand words. PR world is more about communication, art and design will be an amazing tool to earn your audiences and clients. That is why we should care about visual communication. I really appreciate for what you have wrote.


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