The painted glory of fast food and individuality

Featured Photo by Brent Wheeler

The glorious guilty pleasures of the fast food industry. At least 1 out of 4 Americans a day submit to the temptation of the glorious salty, greasy, not so nutritious taste of a cheap food. Regardless of the health consequences, the conquer of fatty foods still continues to thrive in modern society. Living the life of a poor college student, I am a contributor to that force. But what about the rest of society? Not all of us are money lacking college students.

Taco bell’s distinctive use of propaganda art and film brought a combination of the modern popular theme of a dystopian world and a couple of rebellious heroes and a stab at the creepy Ronald McDonald. It embraced the concept of breaking free of society’s boundaries, a nice target choice for the demographic of young adults. Embrace your true self and eat Taco bell. Life will be good then. The producers even chose the tune ‘Blitzkrieg Bop’ which was considered the “rebellious teenage song” during the 70’s to hype up the mood for older generations.

I remember watching this exact commercial on television while waiting for the infamous Bachelor to resume. The cinematography was quite intricate and it took me a while to figure out that it was advertising Taco bell until I heard its signature bell. The development of coloration from only drawl shades of grey to a wide variety of bright colors was a generic yet very effective way of showing the transition of “boring” fast foods to the exciting Taco bell. I was actually quite entertained by a simple fast food commercial.

Society today, especially with young adults, has adopted the mindset of being your own individual. To stray away from the crowd that surrounds you, even if it means being completely different. The whole concept of being an “innovator” or a “hipster” has ironically become a common ideal among many. Art, being translated as the unique interpretation of the creator, has become highly associated with the terminology of individuality. So I personally believe that when integrate an artistic vision within their commercials or campaigns, they are attempting to create a brand image that embraces that whole “Live the way your heart desires” lifestyle.


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