Doodle your mind away

I can’t even count the number of times a teacher has scolded me for doodling during class while growing up.

Small strange stick figures and creatures always filled the corners and borders of my assignments when I turned them in for grading. Truthfully, it wasn’t until a COLLEGE digital art class, that a teacher encouraged me to embrace my constant habit of doodling. He told me that doodling might actually help the mind process new information and that there was nothing wrong with having a little of entertainment during lectures.

Ever since I have doodled with no shame. Maybe I was just looking for a legitimate excuse to not get into trouble, but I do believe that the act of doodling is not entirely detrimental.

During a recent scientific experiment, researchers conducted a test on two groups of children. One group was allowed to doodle during a lecture, while the other was not. The results? The doodle group remembered 29% more information in contrast to the other group.

Although this hypothesis is extremely interesting, it is not entirely surprising. Many individuals enjoy a visual style of learning. For some, connecting facts with images help make memorizing easier. This is a reason why documenting information through infographics and charts exists. Personally, I believe that making information easy on the eyes makes it easier for individual to consume statistics and facts presented to them.


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