Pinterest: The Online Collage

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Ever since I was introduced to the glory of Pinterest in a recent journalism class, I have been addicted. The pool of a never ending flow of pictures and topics to search from absorbs me for hours (Also with a nice filter too, so I have no fear of running into pornography or naked bodies in my feed like tumblr).

Usually, when I roam the boards of Pinterest it is to explore new design ideas, whether it be for my art, fashion advice, or new DIY projects. The website provides a huge variety of images pulled from countless users and companies. The simplicity of the layout makes it easy to follow and learn.

Pinterest allows users a method to display their individuality in a subtle way. By giving users, the options to categorize their pins in different boards of their own creation sets a form of organization, that is simple yet expressive. It has been titled the “online collage,” a very fitting title for a website consisting largely of images.

I believe that Pinterest pocesses the ability of allowing companies to showcase their brand name and products without making it look like an obvious ad. When I find a particular picture that meets my fancy, I usually follow the given link to get more information, which then leads me to the company’s webpage. I personally find this method quite effective. Usually ads just annoy me and I skip over them, but Pinterest allows me to choose what I want to see and thus giving me products that I don’t mind spending time looking at.


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  1. I love your blog! I think it is very original and creative. Your style is great the way you start off with some narration. It gives each blog a very individual story. At first it did not seem like a PR blog, but that is because the content was masked in good story telling. I also appreciated how at the end of the Pinterest blog especially you were not afraid to give your opinion and a professional insight as a bit of a conclusion. Keep up the great work.


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