Colors and Emotions

Featured Image taken by: Esparta Palma

Often times when creating posters, ads, infographics, etc, professionals state that color plays a vital role in influencing an individual’s emotions. But despite the constant talk, there is actually very little data that back up the claim of color and persuasion. This fact makes the “psychology of color” one of the most  controversial aspects of the industry.

So what is really the definition of the psychology of color? 

According to research, what really brings out the importance of the usage of color are the individual’s personal, cultural, and past experiences. Everyone has faced different opportunities and challenges throughout their lifetime, and that shows when choosing which color resonates the most with them.

The research does indeed sound broad and far-fetched. One may wondering…so what? But this theory has been utilized many times when companies create a brand image and reach out to target demographics. By choosing different colors that evoke a certain emotions towards a chosen audience, a company becomes more likely of making a longer lasting impression.

Psychology Of Color Infographic

Source: The Logo Company 

Researchers have also stated that around 90% of all quick judgments made about a product are based off the color scheme used. People often time build a connection between the color of the product being sold and the brand which is selling the product. And if those two don’t match up, then people are more unlikely to buy the merchandise.


So choose your color wisely. 



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  1. Sam Nash says:

    I loved what you had to say about color, it’s always interesting to see the strategic planning behind something so simple as the difference between purple and green. Can’t wait to read more!


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