Infographics for all

Featured image created by Daniel Zeevi

“Just give me a thousand words and you may make your own pictures.”
― Erica Goros

Living in a society filled with the constant updates of knowledge and literacy, having to shifting through pages of research and statistics can be tiring. Everyday in college, student are assigned reading assignment to flip through before each lecture. Everyday in the workforce, individuals read constant documents to remain productive. Bottom line is that reading happens every day.  But according to research, humans generally remember only 10% of what they read. And that is an extremely low number.

Inforgraphics provide a method of displaying data in a manner that catches people attention. Instead of pages and pages of text, the most relevant information about a topic is summarized into a much condensed version. Although there is an obvious less amount of data being showed compared to what one would get in an essay format, at least a larger portion of the information being presented is actually being remembered.

In my public relations class, we were required to create an infographic about a topic of our choice. In previous classes, I would just throw the page together the night before it was due. But after being require to write a memo covering what the purpose  of my infographic, I’ve discovered how an infographic represent much more than just a simple fact sheet. I feel like I’ve always paid so much attention to my design, that I would neglect the information that I put onto the page. Silly, isn’t? Especially when the whole point of an infographic is to relay a message to an audience that they will remember.


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