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Truthfully, billboards were one of the things that I was most amazed with after coming to the mainland from Hawaii. Due to certain laws, the island where I was born and raised prevented any real big billboards from being built. I was impressed about how large the images were, but also wondered if anyone actually paid attention to what the billboard pictured. Most people only see billboards when on the move. This leaves the moment of recognition to be extremely short. So despite being seen by a large number of people, I feel like very few actually remember the content on the billboard.

Billboards have a combination of advantages and disadvantages.  But despite the mix of the pros and cons, I have always categorized billboards as being one of the most ineffective method to reaching the public. But just recently, I read an article talking about a certain billboard that Coca Cola put together for Coke Zero. The layout was relatively simply, but it combined the normal method with an interactive one. It allowed viewers to get themselves a glass of Coke Zero and actually experience the taste of the drink. I personally thought this was extremely clever. Most people look at advertisement like that with skepticism, so providing proof with the argument makes everything seem so much more believable.


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  1. This is an interesting topic topic. There is something timeless and unique about billboards and it is wonderful you chose to talk about them from a design perspective. You are completely correct in pointing out billboards as something we see on the move and it is hard to always have the message sink in. While we might not care companies that pay for that really do. That is probably part of why they are so big and companies work hard for them to stand out. Either at the very best people will stop and look, or the image will be vaguely imprinted on a person’s mind if it is “showy” enough so that the brand is recognizable when they are in a store and making purchasing decisions.


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