Google Adwords and Analytics

Featured image created by muammerokumus

Google Adwords and Analytics can implemented into public relation by measuring the amount of traffic of individuals who travel to a particular website.

So I understand that these two applications have very little or no relation with art, but I just find it so fascinating that I knew that I had to make a blog post about it.

This particular method of tracking can not only tell what particular page the person went to during their visit, but also how long their session on the website was! It can also give the researcher an idea about where most of their target demographic is located and the group of demographic they should focus on.

Okay, so it might sound a bit creepy about how Google tracks everyone’s search history so thoroughly… but the information gathered from that stalking is amazing. The amount and specifics gathered can be extremely valuable when planning how to most effectively reach out to the public. It also serves as a good judge of whether the company’s online material is catching the attention of its audience.

As one may tell…I am completely fascinated about this particular topic. Even after spending around a month and half fiddling with the Google applications, every time I log in I always learn something completely new. Just recently I learned how to track what searches to the SOJC website were coming from mobile devices and also what particular mobile device the users were using.

The details just blows me away.

There is always just so much more to learn!



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