Using Multimedia

Feature image taken by Khánh Hmoong

Multimedia is defined as the use of a variety of artistic or communicative media.

Besides my public relations major, I have also added a multimedia minor to my curriculum. For our class final project I was required to work as a group in order to cover a certain topic. My group choose the subject of Saturday Market.

The use of different forms of multimedia can be effectively used to cover the appeal of the desired topic. I found that out when our project slowly came together. Each of our individuals pieces covered an aspect of the Saturday Market, that embraced the market’s mission. I and my group members could all see how these written and digital works could be implemented in an online campaign about Saturday Market.

In today’s generation, details about different news and brands are being updated constantly through multiple forms of digital platforms. Because of this high increase in demand, many communications specialists are now making sure news releases are sent out in combination with some sort of multimedia asset.

Many of the news outlets that public relation specialist reach out to now span over multiple platforms of media, such as the internet, TV, radio, etc. In order to reach the full chunk of the the target demographic, PR workers have to create different pieces to adhere to each of those given platforms. As technology advances and time changes, multimedia is transforming itself into a MUST have factor for public relations.


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