Post of Reflection

Featured Image taken by: Diana Robinson

My top five discoveries I’ve made through my journey in the art of blogging:

  • Sites like Flickr are your best friend
  • Never try to write 10 blog posts in a span of two days
  • Blogging is actually quite thought provoking.
  • Being able to personalize my work is an extremely satisfying feeling

After reading an immense amount of blogs throughout the pass couple of days, I have cultured a great appreciation for them.

Not going to lie, in the beginning I never found worth in blogging (the irony of this line as I write it in a post). I especially did not see the relationship between blogging and PR as important. I had no bone to pick with bloggers or any of the wonderful content they released, I just never considered blogging professional.

But through my desperate search for blogs to comment on, I stumbled across a particular blog that changed my perspective: PR in Your Pajamas. Their personalized writing style maintained an appropriate tone and made their content sound believable. The advice they gave to upcoming PR specialist was practical, yet not obvious. I really appreciated this.

Not sound overly dramatic, but it really motivated me to educate myself more in blog etiquette.

My takeaways from everything:

  • Real talk: Write about stuff you’re actually interested in. Now this sounds so obvious, but I guess it is true that people sometimes overlook the obvious. I think I got so caught up with just trying to write something, I starting choosing topics that really didn’t capture attention.
  • Countering my point above: In a professional settings, you might not be able to choose the topics of your posts. If this is the case, even if your topic is the most boring subject in the universe, think about how can you communicate directly to your audience.
  • Perspectives: Give opportunities for other to share their stories. I believe that gathering different points of views really encompasses the culture of blogging.

Learn from the Best, Plan Well, and Write Right


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